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Barrel Inventory

These are the barrels we currently have in stock. To purchase or for any inquiries please email:


Scope Mounts:

  • Factory: Takes the factory scope mount.

  • Both: In addition to the factory mount, the barrel is drilled and tapped for one of our picatinny mounts.

  • Open Sights: In addition to the factory mount, the barrel has been outfitted with open sights.

Muzzle Diameter/Barrel Contour:

  • 17mm    : Standard Contour

  • 17mm+ : Modified Standard Contour

  • 19mm    : Semi Weight Contour

  • 22mm    : Heavy Contour

Fluting Options:

  • None

  • Straight   : Six standard flutes  

  • Spiral        : Standard flutes twisted around the barrel

  • Carbon    : In place of flutes, the barrel has been turned down and wrapped in                                carbon fiber.  

Twist Rate:

  • Std.: The common twist rate for the caliber, otherwise the twist rate is specified.

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