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Basic Barrel

Other Cerakote Color

Black Nitride Finish


Carbon Wrapped

Muzzle Break

Threaded Muzzle with Cap

Picatinny Scope Base


Gamma 88 & Gamma 93 Barrels

We proudly offer custom drop-in barrels for Straight-Pull-Bolt European Switch-Barrel Rifles*.  All barrels are built to order, and can be ordered in any caliber**, length, twist rate etc. We source our blanks from Preferred Barrel Blanks, and ensure that each blank is of the highest quality. For pricing and available options see the table below

**Only calibers that fit bolt heads available from the factory may be ordered. Bolt head customization is available upon request.

Our goal is to supplement already existing options available on the market. If you desire a barrel in a configuration that is available from the rifle's manufacturer, please contact them.

To order, please send an email to:

When ordering, please specify the desired: caliber, length,  twist rate, and any add-on options.

When ordering the picatinny base it will be mounted via 4, 8-40 screws. This will be done in addition to the factory mount. Picatinny bases are available in 0 and 20 MOA.


To see our inventory of already completed barrels click below:

* J. Sip and Sons is in no way shape or form associated with Blaser Group GmbH and Blaser Jagdwaffen Gmbh.

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