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Custom R8/R93 Barrels

We proudly offer custom drop-in barrels for the Blaser R8 and Blaser  R93.  All barrels are built to order, and can be ordered in any caliber*, length, twist rate etc. We source our blanks from Preferred Barrel Blanks, and ensure that each blank is of the highest quality. For pricing and available options see the table below

*Only calibers that fit factory Blaser bolt heads may be ordered. Bolt head customization is available upon request.

To order, please send an email to:


When ordering, please specify the desired: caliber, length,  twist rate, and any add-on options.

When ordering the picatinny base it will be mounted via 4, 8-40 screws. This will be done in addition to the factory mount. Picatinny bases are available in 0 and 20 MOA.


To see our inventory of already completed barrels click below:


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